Pre Booking

We recommend that you place your order at least 3 weeks before your wedding to ensure a space on our calendar in order that your precious arrangement will be attended to in its freshest state. Additionally, pre-booking allows you to consult with us as to which flowers turn out best, and most importantly gives you the peace of mind of knowing that when your special day arrives, we're there to support you.

Getting Your Flowers To Us

Arrangements should be made to get your bouquet to us as quickly as possible, so we are working with the flowers in their freshest state.  Be sure to keep your flowers in a cool, dry place. If your room environment is not conducive, you may place your arrangement into a brown paper bag and keep it in the refrigerator. Under no circumstances are flowers to be placed in the freezer!

Already Married

If your wedding has already occurred, you can still have your bouquet preserved.  Just give us a call.  Even if you were married last year, we can recreate your wedding bouquet or special floral memento with fresh flowers that we then preserve to create a lasting memory.

Our Locations

Serving Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

On-Site appointments are available and can be arranged Monday ~ Saturday.
Orders can be handled online or on the phone and we offer local pickup and delivery

Mailing Address

3843 South Bristol Street, #218 . Santa Ana, California 92704

National Service

Many brides-to-be prefer working with a local vendor, but for those who live, or are getting married out-of-state, national service is available. By pre-booking we can help ensure your flowers get to us fresh and safe. Please call us in advance to arrange this.

Contact Information

Bouquets By Birgitta
South Bay:+1 310 214 8060
Orange County:+1 714 994 0406