Continued Information

Pre-Planning the Preservation Process ~ Delivering flowers fresh is pivotal to a quality end product and by planning in advance, your preservation process can be reserved to guarantee your flowers will be preserved. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to consult with Birgitta as to which flowers turn out best. You can let your family and friends know that you'd like a gift certificate for your bouquet preservation.

Flower Care and Advice ~ Choose a reputable florist who uses the freshest flowers possible and be sure to order a throw bouquet to safeguard your precious bouquet from damage. Many brides choose to have the groom's boutonniere preserved as well and we recommend taking it off and storing it in a safe place during the wedding reception.

Delivering Flowers Fresh ~ Fresh is best and wilted, damaged and torn flowers will turn out just as that. Here at Bouquets By Birgitta, we employ a special rehydration process to help dull and limp flowers in need, but the most successful preservation comes from fresh arrangements.

The Preservation Process ~ When your flowers arrive at our workshop, they will most likely be in need of special care. First, your arrangement will be photographed, measured and tagged. Then, the flowers will be disassembled and each bloom will be rehydrated with our specially formulated rehydration solution. Damaged petals will be trimmed.

Once your flowers have been rehydrated, they will be ready for preservation. In our experience, we have discovered that certain flowers and foliage dry more effectively in sand-based methods while others will fare better freeze-dried. Depending on the flowers in your arrangement, we may use either method.

After the preservation process is complete the artistry begins. We re-assemble your precious flowers in a frame of your choosing. Please re-visit our portfolio page to see some of the beautiful arrangements we have done for others.

Retaining the Color and Quality of your Flowers ~ Once preserved, be sure to keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight, humidity and all extreme temperatures. It's best if you keep your keepsake in the coolest rooms throughout your house. This will ensure lasting color of your flowers.

Preservation Pricing ~ Our prices start at $160 to preserve a medium, hand-held bouquet with no frame. Shadow boxes, oval frames, heart-shaped frames, and glass domes start at $280 and include the preservation. Plexi-boxes start at $110 including the preservation. Prices for pressed flowers start at $115 and can be displayed in oval, heart-shaped, or rectangular frames.

Gift Certificates ~ Gift certificates are available starting at $20 and may be ordered over the phone (310.214-8060) or by email ( with Visa or MasterCard. A perfect gift from your out of town guests.

3-Dimensional Preservation ~ 3-D is our most popular form of preservation where the flowers are preserved in their original state. It offers the greatest flexibility of arrangement options and the flowers can be left as they were or covered with a dome or framed in a shadow box

Pressed Floral Arrangements ~ Pressed flower arrangements date back to the 1400's when ladies would press their special flowers into their bible for a keepsake. Birgitta will press your entire wedding bouquet and display it in a beautiful frame of your choosing. Each flower is pressed petal by petal and then carefully reconstructed to its original shape and style.

Shadow Box Frames ~We offer shadow boxes in a range of colors such as black, gold, silver, whitewash, dark wood, and white. The depth is approximately 3½" and deeper boxes can be custom ordered.

Oval Frame With Convex Glass ~ Our beautiful oval frames are available in gold, silver, red, green, black or cherry and can be ordered with or without designs. Considered by many to be the most elegant and attractive design, the oval frame remains a favorite.

Glass Domes and Acrylic Encasements ~ For an old-fashioned Victorian look, the glass dome is perfect. Our glass domes vary in size and are available with a natural wood finish base or the base can be painted in gold, silver, white or black.

Custom Framing ~ Custom framing is available by request.